Save A Life Program

How It Works

A portion of every Purrific Pet Sitting and Camp Purrific booking is donated to a local animal rescue. Since 2009, we have donated more than 15% of our gross sales to support rescue efforts in Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Near and dear to our hearts are Marin Friends of Ferals in coordination with the Marin Humane Society. Marin Friends of Ferals' volunteers are tireless in their dedication. We believe that coordination is key. It is through the coordination of these two groups that the Marin feral community cat population is happy and healthy and thousands of community kittens have found cushy indoor forever homes. Marin Friends of Ferals also coordinates with surrounding counties, offering their assistance for the feral community cats in those areas as well.


If you have time to volunteer for trapping efforts, feeding colony cats, marketing, web, social media, video production & photography, anything at all, or can make a donation, please reach out to Marin Friends of Ferals.

Foster a Skitty

Please "Foster a Skitty", a shyer kitten or young cat, with Marin Friends of Ferals and the Marin Humane Society. Purrific™ helps socialize Skitties, so that they can successfully find new cushy digs as indoor kitties in forever homes. Purrific™ will sponsor a very nice cage setup to make fostering a breeze. No need to kitten-proof your home. Just love these little furballs. It is so rewarding! Please contact us to find out more about Fostering a Skitty. =^..^=

These Skitties are "Ben and Jerry", named after the ice cream kings! (Don't you see their messy faces? We knew they needed foodie names! LOL) =^..^=

Ben and Jerry were fostered through the Marin Humane Society in coordination with Marin Friends of Ferals.

You may have seen our cages!

One of our most recent Save A Life adventures was providing cages for rescue kitties for adoption in the Woodlands Pet Food & Treats stores in Novato, San Rafael and Greenbrae. Hopalong & Second Chance Rescue and No Boundaries Animal Rescue show their kitties and kittens for adoption in the Woodlands stores. Purrific™ provided four fully furnished cages just like this one; photo taken at the San Rafael store. The Woodlands stores are collecting food and toy donations for the kitties, so if you happen by, play with the kitties and please leave a few toys or cans of food for the kitties that are in those cages? =^..^=

What Group Do You Recommend?

By listening to our clients and through volunteering our time, each year we find a few more organizations to support. The rescue community is a wonderful group of people, usually like minded, and always for the love of the animals!

Here are the organizations we currently support.. What organization do YOU recommend? Let us hear from you!

Marin Friends of Ferals Marin Humane Society
Berkeley East Bay Humane Society Brighthaven
Cat Town Oakland Hopalong & Second Chance Rescue
Jake's Place Cat Rescue MILO Foundation
Nine Lives Foundation No Boundaries Animal Rescue
Nuts n'Bolts Animal Advocates PAWS San Francisco
Toni's Kitty Rescue

Our Clients

Every new Purrific™ client nominates their favorite local animal rescue organization and those nominations guide Purrific Save A Life contributions.

You're Purrific™

Our wonderful clients, two-legged and four-legged alike, make it possible for us to give back in this way. The kitties and pups thank you too! =^..^=

RAWR - Eat Like A Lion!

We feed our kitties RAWR. Our foster kitties and our resident kitties eat RAWR. Check it out! Species appropriate diet sure to help kitties stay healthy!

Purrific Pet Sitting Community

Please join the Purrific Pet Sitting Community on Facebook and Google+ to see the Save A life program and our fostering efforts in action.

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